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Right to Work guidance

A guide for HR and recruiters exploring what’s changing with Right to Work guidance and explaining the digital Right to Work Scheme


A guide to Right to Work updates

From 6th April, the Government is updating Right to Work guidance and launching a new digital Right to Work Scheme to further facilitate online Right to Work (RtW) checks.
The digital RtW Scheme will allow employers to remotely verify the identity of people with applicable documents using an Identity Service Provider (IDSP).
As a leading IDSP and provider of RtW services in the UK, we’ve been asked lots of questions from our customers and prospective customers who are trying to understand what the changes mean to them. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ document

Key takeaways:

  • the importance of Right to Work checks
  • planned changes to Right to Work guidance
  • more about digital Right to Work and identity checks
  • an update on BRPs and BRCs
  • answers to the most commonly asked RtW questions
A guide to the latest changes in RtW guidance